Brighton Early Music Festival 2014

The early music festival, as every year, is back to Brighton with a twist. Yes, with that. Do you know when you get up in the morning, very early, to the sound of your silly radio bursting out the new whatever single, in your face?… yeah, that’s exactly what early music is. Like soooo early you would love to crush your radio to the sound of….that Early Music….wow…. I’m sure by now you have figured out what this thing about music is and you have totally been captured by its divine interconnection. But if you, like myself, have not understood a word of the meaning of the above depiction, then an official website may give you the answers you are looking for, click here

Oxjam Brighton Festival 2014


If you love fighting poverty this is for you. Although the sound of that sentence may sound a bit of a contradiction, as the very action of fighting turns always out to be an over-complication for any related events, but if some of you feels the compelling force of fighting something you believe necessary, then the answer is always one: yes you must go for it! No one will be able to judge you for the simple reason that the very action of judging is directly proportional to responsibility and when one feels the compelling need to act, the consequent responsibility for it collapses, due to the interactions of that compelling action bound to the impossibility of controlling the mechanics of the origin of it, which is originated by its own environment, the body constitution/biology, its influence from the subject’s education and the consequent correlation to the subject’s subconscious which also happens to be inevitable due to its impossibility of controlling it consciously. Then, but only then, to participate to this event becomes imperative.

Ice Rink Brighton 2014

08/11/2014  The Pavillion

The ice rink is back! We all enjoyed people falling over on the beautiful ice rink in front of the Pavilion last year so why not get in there this year too and smash each other up again?! Why not? …Cause it hurts! Yesss! And that’s the beauty of it! I guess… there is something quite amazing about falling face down on the hard ice in a beautiful sunny day, I don’t know what exactly but there must be something…hmmm… The 800 square metre rink has space for 250 skaters per session so plenty of room for everyone! Get cute. Here’s some more info.





RAC Veteran Car Run


Right, so this event is not a race but a run…well it’s easy to see why, these cars are so slow (max 20mph) that having them racing would be beyond boring, kind of like watching snails competing with each other…So no, it ain’t going to be a race. You could do two things with these babies, watching them smashing up in a destruction derby or taking them on a very slow fashion show run, unfortunately the second option got through. If you are into Lego I guess you may enjoy this even better. Here’s some more details.


Sunday 12/10/2014

spacecycleSussex Heart Charity presents, Brightonaaaa! If you just like big motorcycles this is Not for you, this is for those who love them!!! It has been introduced in 2004 and since then it got bigger and bigger. Heart to heart. If you want to participate you gotta have a motorbike at least, anything smaller would just get squashed. Here’s the website for you with info and donations,

Brighton Comedy Festival 2014

Brighton Dome

This is going to be serious laughters, if you are brave enough…For the 13 th consecutive year  the Comedy Festival will make its appearance in Brighton again with more acts, more fun, more……cakes? Anyway  the line up is obviously very corroborating, from notorious faces to local comedians try to give their best shot.

Brighton Photo Fringe


Brighton Photo Fringe is a corroborative platform providing essential professional development opportunities and peer-support for emerging lens-based artists all led by volunteers. Established by local artists in 2003 to compliment Brighton Photo Biennial (BPB), this cute event is now attracting local, national, international and intergalactic participants and audiences. Since its inception, the BPF has grown into one of the most obese festivals of its kind in the UK, attracting over 100,000,000,000 visitors in 2012. Not bad  for a bunch of idealists… Here’s more info.

Brighton Fashion Week 2014


What’s new? Everything! Brighton Fashion week is at the door and as every year will showcase the latest work of new talents and of more established designers. Known for its extravagant life style and cosmopolitan character, Brighton is the perfect platform for new crazy ideas put into clothing options. A by-product of this stunning event is in fact the zombie walk…where innovation meets special needs…Here’s some more proper info.

Brighton Photo Biennial 2014

04/10/2014   02/11/2014

Brighton Photo Biennial is the UK’s largest international photography festival and yes! It’s about photos… Like the professional stuff. Do you know when walking around town, sometime you might see those taking pictures of a lamppost with a device that looks more like a weapon than a camera? That’s exactly the kind of super duper things this festival is all about. Weaponised cameras park. Here’s more serious details.

Brighton End of Summer 2014

It’s Brighton end of summer time! That means that there are only a few days left of warmth in the air and in our heart, a few days left of Love. After that everything will simply fall and face decay. Our soul will begin to collapse molecule after molecule to incinerate through the infinity of time, in the hope for a new sudden beginning. The transition will be a struggle. Come to visit Brighton & Hove before it’s too late, before the cold takes over our lips, our words, our hugs. The hibernating season is upon us. Please do yourself a favour, let your metabolic depression stay activated as much as it can, here in Brighton for the last time. Peace.