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Brighton Whalefest 2014

Brighton Hilton Metropole   14/03/2014 – 16/03/2014

Ending captive circuses and promoting awareness about whales and dolphins has been one of the main missions by the promoters of Whalefest from the past 20 years or so. It takes place every year in Brighton and is one of the biggest in the world. In 1991 Brighton Aquarium’s captive dolphins were freed back to their Caribbean home. Come then to this incredible event to voice your support for the Long Swim to Freedom campaign, run by the World Cetacean Alliance in partnership with the Free Morgan Foundation and Nabu International.


Sussex Beer & Cider Festival

Come to celebrate the 24th Sussex Beer & Cider Festival  from the 6th to the 8th of March at Hove Town Hall. There will be something like 230 types of different beers on sale…and that isn’t exactly what’s available at your local pub around the corner…more beer than you can ever imagine… A large selection of ciders, perries, country wines and British and foreign bottled beers will also be there to keep you quiet and busy. If you look under 25 please bring an ID.


Brighton Chocolate Festival 2014

29/03/2014 – 30/03/2014

Right, this is going to be crazy awesome or “chocolately” dangerous! Just for one chocolatey day the best chocolatiers in uk will all gather together to show off their choco-abilities in a mouth watering display of chocolate products such as bars, truffles, bonbons, creams, cakes, crepes, drinks, salads, cars, clothes, houses and god knows what else, turning Brighton into a giant chocolate dessert and turning you into a dazed and confused fat seagull. Make sure you’re off to the gym the day after… Check out the official website for more info.


Brighton Science Festival 2014

15/02/2014 – 02/03/2014

An image of a polluted world, to advertise the Brighton Science Festival.It’s half Term Fun! Bring your kids to this one! Brighton Science festival, on its 8th consecutive year, is expected to be again a great way to get involved with science, all ages are welcomed and in particular the 12-14 year-olds whom in a way or another may have found science at school extremely boring. The aim of this event is to resuscitate that spirit of discovery and curiosity back into them by implementing a few alternative ways of learning rather than the heavy old books. Click here for more info!


Brighton Half Marathon

16 Feb 2014

Brighton Half Marathon 2013The Brighton Half Marathon is the initial marathon of the year anticipating the official one in the coming months! There is a new route mostly along the seafront. The Brighton Half Marathon is organised and funded by The Sussex Beacon. Click here for more info.


Valentine’s Party at the Mesmerist

Fri 14th Feb 2014 – The Mesmerist

kraken-vs-cupid-poster-26978Looking for something far from the usual Valentine’s day? Something that has nothing to do with roses or hearts and stuff? Well here’s the night for you then, the Mesmerist, one of the coolest bar in town, will throw Kraken vs Cupid a special alternative Valentine’s night! Lots of live music, predominantly 40’s/50’s rhythm & blues.


Seedy Sunday

Sunday 2nd February – Brighton Dome Corn Exchange, 10.30am – 4.30pm.

Seedy SundayThe UK’s biggest and longest-running community seed swap event is back. It counts more than 50 stalls where you can bring your seeds and swap them or 50p donation per pack will do just fine. Experts and gurus will also be part of this collaboration to give any sort of advices for newbies or even veterans. For more info click here.




Turner in Brighton

02/11/2013 – 03/03/2014  Royal Pavilion

The unique work of J M W Turner will be displayed at the Prince Regent Gallery until March this year. Turner’s watercolour is an impressive portrait of 19th century Brighton as a seaside resort. After been hidden away in private ownership for decades, it has now been acquired by the Royal Pavilion & Museums and available to the public eye.


Robin Cousins’ ICE

22 JAN – 01 FEB 2014 / Brighton Centre

Robin Cousins' Ice | Tour TicketsWinter is the proper season for…guess what? Winter sports! The Brighton Centre is proud to host Olympic champion and head judge on ITV’s Dancing on Ice, Robin Cousins. This is the real deal, professional ice skaters gliding and literally flying over the ice in a unique and truly melodramatic style.  Something you haven’t probably seen in the UK theatres in decades. Book a ticket here.


Ice Age Sussex

Brighton Museum & Royal Pavilion   –   16/03/2013 – 18/01/2014

Ice Age EuropeA bit of history here. If you have an inclination for archaeology or you simply find the process and research of our past as human beings on Earth interesting, there will be a new display in town this month about the ice age that will definitely grab your attention. A great exploration that stretches from the climate change process to the story of man as we know it today, with particular attention to the Victorian ‘great bone rush’ and the Boxgrove Man, the oldest known human ancestors in Britain.  For More info click here.


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