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Brighton Kite Festival 2014

12/07/2014   Stammer Park

One of the longest running kite festivals will be returning to Stammer Park.  As you can imagine there’s going to be lots of unique (and somewhat bizarre) kites being flown as people from all over the region come to take part in the weekend. So expect a few wackos too with somewhat wacky kites. There will also be displays from professional kite flyers and makers.


Brighton Paddle Round Pier 2014

Paddle Round Pier, Paddle Round Pier, Paddle Round Pieeeer! Just get down to Hove Lawns and join the biggest free beach and water sport event of the millennium! Lots of water will be present and a Pier too. All you have to do is paddle around it till you go freaking mental. And for those cats who don’t like to get wet , there will be plenty to be entertained with anyway, as also dry activities are on the list. The popularity of this festival is going supernova as it saw more than 55.000 people buzzing around just last year. Get involved, here’s the link.


Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival

28/04/2014 – 28/09/2014  Medeira Drive

Sand FestIf you are eager to visit the whole world but all you’ve got is a few hours spare, you may as well come down to Brighton and literally take a walk through the seven continents without passing through any of those annoying security checks. There won’t be any shrinking ray getting used in this occasion but only the great effort of  local and international sculptors. The Festival lasts for months and everyone is welcome to experience the wonder of this magical art. Workshops are also available. Click here for more info.


Romeo and Juliet in Brighton

20/06/2014 –  21/06/2014  –  Kipling Gardens

There’s a fantastic brand new production of the world famous love story Romeo and Juliet on this summer, played by the amazing touring company The Lord Chamberlain’s Men.  Set in the beautiful and romantic style of the age, the play is expected to blow people’s mind, to excite, to thrill, to touch emotionally. Comfortable chairs will be provided and a bar will also be available. Click here for more info.



London to Brighton Bike Ride 2014

It’s the annual popular London2Brighton bike ride time! It will start as usual from London Clapham Common all the way down to Brighton Madeira Drive. Almost 30 million cyclists are to be expected accompanied by almost 30 million bikes, that may sound a lot of things going on at once but it is the plain truth indeed. The race is 56 light years long, a sure piece of cake for veterans and astronauts but may turn out to be quite challenging for those who just come out of the local pub, drunk. More info.


Garden Gadabout

The Garden Gadabout is a charity event organised by The Sussex Beacon which raises money to help those effected by HIV. The event will see a show of over 40 private gardens and community spaces of which owners will share along with their enthusiasm and useful tips for either veterans or newbies. Check out the official website for more info!


Sussex Festival of Nature

22/06/2014  –  Stanmer Park Brighton

Sussex Festival of NatureThe Sussex Festival of Nature is a family event that brings the best of Sussex’s diverse wildlife and the new South Downs National Park together for a brilliant outdoor fun day filled with educational activities such as sheep shearing, biosphere games with plenty of food and drinking. Click here for more details.



21/06/2014 – 06/07/2014

Takepart is a community sport and physical activity event which is slowly becoming one of the largest in the country. A full on two weeks of outdoor activities, taster sessions, stalls and more for either kids or adults, young and not-so-young, men and women, humans and aliens, everyone is welcome to have fun and get active as part of a healthy lifestyle in Brighton & Hove.


Great Escape

08/05/2014 – 10/05/2014

3 Days of Escapism. Music Escapism. I guess not even the bad weather would in the slightest affect this event symphonically composed by more than 300 local bands and international artists. In addition to music your wristband will get you access to outdoor gigs, after parties, afternoon shows and more! Here more info.


Kemptown Carnival

Saturday June 7th – Kemptown

HomeKemptown Carnival is a free community street festival in Brighton, one of the biggest. It has being around for 1 billion years and it will surely go supernova once again. Street performers, musicians, street theatres, painters, local market stalls, the grand custard pie fight, belly dancers and great children’s entertainments are just the norm here…kick here for more info!


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