Oxjam Brighton Festival 2014


If you love fighting poverty this is for you. Although the sound of that sentence may sound a bit of a contradiction, as the very action of fighting turns always out to be an over-complication for any related events, but if some of you feels the compelling force of fighting something you believe necessary, then the answer is always one: yes you must go for it! No one will be able to judge you for the simple reason that the very action of judging is directly proportional to responsibility and when one feels the compelling need to act, the consequent responsibility for it collapses, due to the interactions of that compelling action bound to the impossibility of controlling the mechanics of the origin of it, which is originated by its own environment, the body constitution/biology, its influence from the subject’s education and the consequent correlation to the subject’s subconscious which also happens to be inevitable due to its impossibility of controlling it consciously. Then, but only then, to participate to this event becomes imperative.

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