Ghost Walk Of The Lanes

ghost-walkEver walked down Brighton’s Lanes in a dark foggy night? Well do not attempt it…Rumours say a ghost is hovering around the intricate and narrow alleys of once original settlement of Brighthelmstone,  in the mischievous attempt to petrify whoever passes through. It is worth mentioning that many spectres, some headless, some terrifying, some even cute have all been witnessed over the years by former residents living in the haunted area. The Ghost Walk of the Lanes runs every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm from the Druid’s Head Brighton Place – £5 adults, £2 children& £3 concessions. You will visit seven haunted sites and hear of all the gruesome going associated with them. Not for the trembling hands or fainted hearts!

Here’s a TV interview to the real Ghost spotted while working…

The whole Brighton may be haunted and infested with phantoms of all sorts but the Oriental is definitelty ghostfree, an island of peace and tranquillity where to rest after a impervious walk through the city. We are based half way from Brighton to Hove, minutes walk from the Pier and the beach. Delicious coctails of all kind and freshly prepared breakfast. 24h access. Book Now!

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