Moroccan Meze Banquet

10/12/2011 – 17/12/2011

LX003305If you happen to have refrained yourself from the usual habit of reckless weekly drinking you might have just saved 90 quid to join this marvellous Moroccan Meze experience that will be remembered as one of you most important lucid time of you so-called conscious life. The three course meal is provided by renowned Julia Robinson Catering, a family run company. You will be welcomed by drinks and appetizers, followed by a rare after-hours tour of Brighton’s most famous landmark, the Pavilion! What you will definitely enjoy apart from the exquisite food is the actual dining room decorations, simply stunning. Live music will also be present as a final touch to this already overwhelming special night.

We at the Oriental also have a really funky and interestingly decorated lounge, maybe the ceiling can appear a bit shorter than the pavilion dining room one but it will still make your breakfast experience unforgettable. Book a room with us and you won’t surely be disappointed. We are 10 minutes walking distance from the Pavilion and the Pier. So hurry up and book in advance! .

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