London Eye? Brighton Wheel!


brighton-wheel-logo1After some complaints about the wheel’s location in a conservation area near listed buildings the £6m Brighton “Eye” is now ready to spin…many think that the gadget will attract 250.000 more visitors and it will create 30 jobs…hope so…anyway everything is now ready to go, the cute thinghy has 36 gondolas which can each take up to 6 adults and 2 kids and a voyage takes approximately 12 minutes to complete. Will The Brighton Wheel emulate the success of the London Eye? It’s interesting to note that the Brighton Wheel is just 45 metres high in comparison to the 135m tall giant Ferris wheel situated on the banks of the River Thames. But hey, our new attraction is facing the sea! And not a mere river… Hop here to find out more!

Ok, now that you are up there spinning and you’ve just realised that you may need an accommodation for the night, look for the West Pier, our hotel is just in front of it! Close isn’t it? So check out the Oriental, a luxury B&B guest house, only 10 minute walking from the wheel! 24h access. Breakfast included.

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