UK Bungee Club


17/09/2011 – 18/09/2011

bungee_logoWould you consider risking your life for no reason at all just for mere fun? If you have the right dose of undeniable recklessness the UK Bungee Club might be for you! The company that runs it although is one of the safest in Britain and is the pioneer of commercial bungee jumping in the UK. A first choice for television production companies.

TheĀ  Bungee Day will take place on the beautiful seafront of Hove Lawns, within “bungee” distance from bars and restaurants…try not to eat before jumping…I just wouldn’t recommend it…Just turn up at the event and go through the registration bit and only after a few safety checks you’ll be good to go…down…

Come to stay with us! The Oriental is a lovely luxury B&B just 10 minutes walking from the Brighton Pier and 15 from Hove town centre, breakfast is included and we also have a gorgeous cocktail bar, serving unique cocktails open to the public! We can also provide a packed breakfast in case you are planning to try out one of those cheeky jumps.

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