Kate Walsh

27 November 2011, Komedia

gggThe beautifully talented Kate Walsh is coming to Brighton this November!  Since 2003 Kate Walsh has made a name for herself after becoming adored by many for her honest songwriting. She truly is unique and an incredible performer. Typical of Komedia, this show in particular is going to be really intimate and memorable. Tickets will go very fast so grab yours today – it’s only £12.00 – follow this link for more information.
If you want to watch Kate Walsh play and Komedia but you are not from Brighton then why not stay at our gorgeous boutique guest house? Our friendly staff are all music fans and we would love to hear all about the gig if we can’t go ourselves! We are situated a short walk from the venue, and you have access to the hotel 24/7 so you won’t need to rush back after you see her play.Check our website or contact one of the team on 01273 205050

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