June 11 , Midday-Midnight


Come and take part in one if the newest Brighton events, Fotothon.

Brighton has always been a gem for photography with the weird and wonderful things that go on in the city, as well of course as its stunning landmarks.
But this event is bringing you something fresh , on June 11 people taking part will be given 10 clues in which they will interpret themselves and go capture images for !

They will not be judged on talent or equipment , but purely on the photos they take.
There are 13 prizes to be won, including one 1,000 camera and , there will be a 2012 calendar made from 12 of the best snaps !
It all sound very exciting and is already creating a buzz ! For more information and to enter please visit the website

If you would like to take part but are not from the city please give us a call at The Oriental in Brighton. We would love to accommodate you. Ring 01273 205050 to speak to one of our lovely team ! But bare in mind rooms fill quickly this time of year !

Happy Snapping

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