Brighton Chocolate Festival 2014

29/03/2014 – 30/03/2014

Right, this is going to be crazy awesome or “chocolately” dangerous! Just for one chocolatey day the best chocolatiers in uk will all gather together to show off their choco-abilities in a mouth watering display of chocolate products such as bars, truffles, bonbons, creams, cakes, crepes, drinks, salads, cars, clothes, houses and god knows what else, turning Brighton into a giant chocolate dessert and turning you into a dazed and confused fat seagull. Make sure you’re off to the gym the day after… Check out the official website for more info.

Brighton Science Festival 2014

15/02/2014 – 02/03/2014

An image of a polluted world, to advertise the Brighton Science Festival.It’s half Term Fun! Bring your kids to this one! Brighton Science festival, on its 8th consecutive year, is expected to be again a great way to get involved with science, all ages are welcomed and in particular the 12-14 year-olds whom in a way or another may have found science at school extremely boring. The aim of this event is to resuscitate that spirit of discovery and curiosity back into them by implementing a few alternative ways of learning rather than the heavy old books. Click here for more info!

Valentine’s Party at the Mesmerist

Fri 14th Feb 2014 – The Mesmerist

kraken-vs-cupid-poster-26978Looking for something far from the usual Valentine’s day? Something that has nothing to do with roses or hearts and stuff? Well here’s the night for you then, the Mesmerist, one of the coolest bar in town, will throw Kraken vs Cupid a special alternative Valentine’s night! Lots of live music, predominantly 40’s/50’s rhythm & blues.