Shakedown Festival 2013

28 September 2013

It’s back! With a full line-up for the new arena on, the festival is expected to reach its immortalisation once for all! The event it’s the last big shot of the year, bringing the biggest names of electro, urban, house and more to London-by-the-sea (Brighton). Go to the official website for more info and make sure you travel light!

The Oriental is a boutique guest house, b&b, a pebble’s throw from the beach. 24h access.

Brighton Digital Festival

01/09/2013 – 30/09/2013

BDFDo you want to know what’s new about digital art? Then come down to Brighton! The city is hosting the Digital Festival once again for the whole of September! As part of a collaboration between hackers, tech companies and various art organisations, Lighthouse and Arts Council England are thrilled to announce a season filled with events, exhibitions, performances, such as augmented reality, 3D architecture and digital design. for details.

The Oriental is a boutique guest house b&b next to all the amenities the city has to offer. 24h access.