Elkie Brooks – Live in Concert

Only on Wed 01 Feb 2012

elkie-brooks-the-best-of-elkie-brooksShe is one of the most versatile singer in UK, a great vocal talent who managed to sell her voice to millions all over the world for over 5 decades. The singer has been nominated twice for Brit Award top female act and now she will be on tour celebrating her 50th year in music to please millions of old and new fans.  The Guardian has cited about her of being still one of the great British voices around. She will perform a set of old and more recent blues and jazz songs and maybe a few ones of her upcoming new album. Click here to get the ticket.

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London Eye? Brighton Wheel!


brighton-wheel-logo1After some complaints about the wheel’s location in a conservation area near listed buildings the £6m Brighton “Eye” is now ready to spin…many think that the gadget will attract 250.000 more visitors and it will create 30 jobs…hope so…anyway everything is now ready to go, the cute thinghy has 36 gondolas which can each take up to 6 adults and 2 kids and a voyage takes approximately 12 minutes to complete. Will The Brighton Wheel emulate the success of the London Eye? It’s interesting to note that the Brighton Wheel is just 45 metres high in comparison to the 135m tall giant Ferris wheel situated on the banks of the River Thames. But hey, our new attraction is facing the sea! And not a mere river… Hop here to find out more!

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That’ll Be The Day

Only on Thu 02 Feb 2012

that_ll_be_the_day_jpeg_landscape_eventThe origins of this incredibly entertaining show can be traced back in 1985, since then the variety has continuously gained success over the the 90′, 2000 and here we are now about to salute the new 2012 production with a new cast and new crew members!  Hurry up before it’s too late ticket may go sooner than you think. Theatre Royal Brighton

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Valentine’s Ball

Tue 14 February 8pm (doors 7.15pm)

There is an annual evening of classic ballroom dance for all ages and genders. With live music courtesy of the 10-piece Berkeley Square Society Band, you’ll be dancing all night. Or simply sit back and enjoy the elegant ambience of the historic Corn Exchange. Find out more

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Royal Pavilion’s Ice Rink

12/11/2011 – 22/01/2012

icerinkSo you could be one of those that have just been watching Blades Of Glory and can’t wait to find out what it means to put a pair of blades on instead of simple safe shoes…well it ain’t gonna be easy if you’ve never experienced it before but there’s always a first time right? So if you happen to be in Brighton in the winter season, the Royal Pavilion’s Ice Rink will be there to please your eyes as much as your inner self. In fact the 800 square metres of “hot” ice will be placed in front of Brighton’s most stunning historical building and will be wide enough to gather up to 250 skaters per session. Click here to find out more about the ice rink.

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Spaghetti Western Orchestra

Only on Tue 07 Feb 2012

spaDo you remember Clint Eastwood on those spaghetti western films that made him a worldwide moviestar? Well you most definitely recall the grandeur of the music score by Ennio Morricone that definitely contributed to the popularity of the movies themselves. Well the stunning soundtrack will be performed with over 100 instruments and the implementation of hilarious sound effects such as blowing on bottles, crushing cornflakes, squeaky toys, rubber gloves, bicycle pumps, nail clippers and many more, to recreate every punch, gunshot and jangling spur that define those bounty killer wildwest times. So this is not absolutely to be missed. Get your ticket here!

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