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komediabrightonlargenewBrighton is an incredibly versatile city, offering different varieties of venues, social activities, art galleries, live music and so on. Once you’ve stepped into this little magical town you won’t get bored and you’ll think twice before even considering of packing up and leave, chances are you are going to stay .  Brighton is the comedy capital of the South East and Komedia is the premier live entertainment venue which best defines it, counting around 700 shows a year!  Performances of comedy, music cabaret and kids shows are always on the list. Komedia is situated in a grade-II building, consisting of three performance places a cafe’ bar and a kitchen serving food at most seated shows. To find out about the event you are looking for please click here:  Events.

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A fortress of useful information


Did you ever happen to be floating in the empty space with so many planets, constellations, galaxies, stars, black holes to reach out to but not knowing exactly what to go for? Well in that case, in the whole firmament of Brighton’s starring moments, Visitbrighton is the one telescope to use if you wish to refresh your soul in this delightful and mysterious hyperspace of events. It is an effortless way to break into a fortress of events. It’ll give you: locations, time tables, descriptions, weather forecast, offers, suggestions, e-shops, and much more. Get teleported right there by clicking here.

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