Moroccan Meze Banquet

10/12/2011 – 17/12/2011

LX003305If you happen to have refrained yourself from the usual habit of reckless weekly drinking you might have just saved 90 quid to join this marvellous Moroccan Meze experience that will be remembered as one of you most important lucid time of you so-called conscious life. The three course meal is provided by renowned Julia Robinson Catering, a family run company. You will be welcomed by drinks and appetizers, followed by a rare after-hours tour of Brighton’s most famous landmark, the Pavilion! What you will definitely enjoy apart from the exquisite food is the actual dining room decorations, simply stunning. Live music will also be present as a final touch to this already overwhelming special night.

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Season’s Greetings

28 November – 03 December

seasonsA hilarious hit comedy will be on at the Theatre Royal. A brand new production of Alan Ayckbourn’s Season’s Greetings. It’s a journey into Belinda and Neville’s house right in the middle of their Christmas party with friends and family to come together to celebrate. Take a frustrated wife, a seductive stranger, two eccentric uncles and a mechanical monkey, and just enjoy the explosive development of this ingenious combination. 7.45, Thursday and Saturday mats 2.30pm, £ 18 – £ 26.  Theatre Royal

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Shakin Stevens

Theatre Royal Brighton

Only on Sun 11 Dec 2011

shakin-stevenShaky is a platinum selling welsh rock and roll singer/songwriter, who holds the credit of being the UK’s biggest-selling single artist in the ’80. His music career began in the ’60 but it was not until the ’80 that he gained commercial success in Britain.The concert it’s all about rock and country blues plus a few surprises about this unique artist’s career. Here’s the ticket section.

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Amanda Ravetz

Professional Practice Presentation

Monday 21 November, 7-9pm

fabricaAmanda Ravetz is a visual anthropologist who taught documentary film-making at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester before becoming a Research Fellow at the Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is the author, with Anna Grimshaw, of Observational Cinema: Anthropology, Film and the Exploration of Social Life.

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Made 12

22 – 25 November

Made 12 is Brighton’s design and craft fair. It has been solidly established over the years as a great environment for purchasing high quality craft and design directly from the actual best markets across the country. Also a great opportunity for the seller to be directly in contact with the consumer.  There will be hundreds of contemporary and highly original makers and designers across all media, from jewellery to clothing, to furniture and so on. The event has a wide price range so everyone is welcomed to come and get their eyes peeled and their wallet emptied. The corn exchange in the core of Brighton.

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Bom Banes

Have you had a unique dining experience lately?

history3girls2Bom Banes of 24 St George St (just off St James Street) has been around for five years and if you have not gone – GO!! Go for the food, go for the people and go for the experience.

My friend invited me there to a musical theatre dining experience a week ago, I admit at first I was unsure however I like trying new things and being proved wrong. Wrong I was, what I saw was a brilliant life affirming performance called ‘The Musical History of 24 George St, Brighton.’ You are greeted and served dinner during the course of the evening by the performers who tell the delicate story of the ‘Bom Banes’ building the lovely quirky restaurant in which you sit.

On other nights it shows films, hosts musical gigs and comedic nights however tonight, on these nights, it performs a play about the previous inhabitants of ’24 George Street.’ The building and night glows with the character and creativity of a lovingly researched mix of performance, music and dining; the performers slip casually between the play and dinner service, building characters that fill the whole of the building itself.

And they don’t just do this event they do many events. Musical History will not back until the new year but many delights are in store. Notably for White Night ‘all white on the night’ dining (29th October 2011) all white food with songs with white in the title and many warm festivities bringing in the Christmas season. There’s always extra novelty from mechanical hats, to tables with their unique range of skills, ones that move up and down, ones that make music and a delightful table that houses a fully functioning model of the pier for you to play with.

Their evenings are full of delights and surprises, the team themselves add something beautiful to the history of this amazing house, so much so that when I left I thought about the stories that all houses have to tell if you want to look deep enough. And the food is really tasty.  Visit them and find something that interests you

Stay for the food. Go for the food!

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London to Brighton Veteran Car Run


PrintCan you imagine yourself being at the world’s longest-running motoring event? Or walking through the largest gathering of veteran cars on earth? Then come down to Brighton and experience what must have been to drive an 100 years old car! To experience its noise, its smell, its nowadays surreal design…The cars have to be built prior 1905 and they won’t be allowed to exceed an average speed of 20 mph (32 km/h). The event in fact will not be advertised as a race. It will take place on the first Sunday in November from Hyde Park in London to finish in Brighton. The cars will  peacefully and slowly cover the distance of  54 miles (87 km). The winners (as many won’t manage to even get out of London) will be awarded a medal.

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Brighton Early Music Festival

21/10/2011 – 06/11/2011

bremf2011First of all let’s specify what early music is, shall we? Early music is a term used since the 1960s to identify music of Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical period devoting particular attention to its performance. Having said that you can easily imagine how large the spectrum is. The festival is a grandiose celebration to music of our past, its peculiarity, its sometimes simplicity and its inextricable complexity and above all to its performing practice and use of period instruments and techniques. There will be lots to do too, public participation will be one of the main concerns on this year’s Festival which include belly dance, taking part in a concert, joining a period dance workshop and interesting activities for kids as well! Check out the official website:

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Komedia Shows

komediabrightonlargenewBrighton is an incredibly versatile city, offering different varieties of venues, social activities, art galleries, live music and so on. Once you’ve stepped into this little magical town you won’t get bored and you’ll think twice before even considering of packing up and leave, chances are you are going to stay .  Brighton is the comedy capital of the South East and Komedia is the premier live entertainment venue which best defines it, counting around 700 shows a year!  Performances of comedy, music cabaret and kids shows are always on the list. Komedia is situated in a grade-II building, consisting of three performance places a cafe’ bar and a kitchen serving food at most seated shows. To find out about the event you are looking for please click here:  Events.

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A fortress of useful information


Did you ever happen to be floating in the empty space with so many planets, constellations, galaxies, stars, black holes to reach out to but not knowing exactly what to go for? Well in that case, in the whole firmament of Brighton’s starring moments, Visitbrighton is the one telescope to use if you wish to refresh your soul in this delightful and mysterious hyperspace of events. It is an effortless way to break into a fortress of events. It’ll give you: locations, time tables, descriptions, weather forecast, offers, suggestions, e-shops, and much more. Get teleported right there by clicking here.

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