British Tourism Week 2011 , 12-20 March

Congathon @ Brighton Pier March 12

conghaton3“Party on the Pier” will kick off British Tourism Week 2011 on Saturday 12th March, it will be a national celebration of Britain’s piers and their heritage, and the biggest nationwide event on Britain’s piers since Year of the Pier in 1996.There will be a series of events throughout the week on the pier, culminating in a firework display on the 19th at 9.30pm. On Friday 18th Simon Kirby MP will be there to talk about the Importance of Tourism in the Regeneration of the British Seaside.

British Tourism week, offers businesses an opportunity to promote the industry and have some fun. Businesses and organisations all over the UK and from every section of the tourism industry will be involved.

Click on the link if you want to register to take part in the Congathon.

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