The Oriental Recommends this month ………The Spring Harvest Festival

Spring Harvest – What’s On!  11th – 21th March

Open House Dining 15th – 21st March open-house-dining

This  a new concept in food lovers’ hospitality. Hosts throw open their homes and kitchens all around Brighton & Hove cooking up a delicious dinner, and guests come and eat in them! for tickets and details click you will get details of the menus you can choose from, however you will have NO idea where and who you are dining with, a revamp vertion of “come dine with me”.

Many OlivesBig Sussex Market 13th – 14th Marc,  New Road Brighton  10am – 6pm

Products fresh form local produce  farms or delicious hot food made by local restaurant. To all food lovers, this is certanly and event not to be missed!

The Brighton chocolate Festival 20th – 21th March, New Road Brighton 10am-6pm

Funk Yummy 3This event will give all chocolate lovers ( of all ages!) a great opportunity to enjoy a wide range of fine truffles, bars and bonbons, you will be able to buy savory food with chocolate, chocolate cakes, pancakes, ice cream, milkshakes and more!!.