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Beauty therapies

Choose from one or more of the following therapies:

facial - your skin is thoroughly and soothingly cleansed with a gently exfoliation and facial mask followed by toning and moisturising whilst you float away with a calming face, neck and scalp massage.  Products vary depending on therapist and personal requirements.

manicure - cuticles will be softened and conditioned before shaping and buffing your nails. choose a polish to suit your special occasion or mood and relax and be treated whilst you receive a nourishing arm and hand massage.

pedicure - soak your feet in a warm foot bath and take pleasure from having your feet pampered with a moisturizing foot massage.  your nails will be shaped and polished with your choice of colour and you will walk away with feet feeling soft and smooth                                                              

Please contact the Oriental reception direct on 01273 205050 for more information or to make a booking.